3 Reasons to Begin Marketing Your Vacation Rental Housekeeping Now

January 29, 2019

Why Market Your Vacation Rental Housekeeping

Your housekeeping staff is a critical element of your business model, both for guests and the owners of the properties under your management. Trusting in your company’s commitment to housekeeping excellence is a key component in their decision to work with or rent from your company.

1. On the owner’s side, you are responsible for maintaining their investment and they want to know about the quality of your housekeeping department and that they are being taken care of by the best.

2. On the guest side, a recent study by Emprise found that 97% of guests felt that a clean property was their most important booking factor, and negative reviews in terms of housekeeping lost an average of 30 customers.

3. As competition throughout the vacation rental industry continues to grow, owners and guests are looking for differentiation when choosing property management firms to manage their rentals, and when making vacation rental booking decisions. The more assurance you can provide regarding the level of cleanliness guests can expect in the homes, the more likely you will increase rentals.

As this trend has established itself within the industry, vacation rental managers who are dialed into this trend have begun to promote the quality of their housekeeping departments as a differentiator when marketing their properties. Here are some ideas to help you promote your housekeeping quality to customers and potential guests.

Marketing to Owners

Promoting the quality of your housekeeping is a great way to attract homeowners interested in property management.

  • Send press releases to local media showing off your housekeeping staff. For example, if you’ve won an award or have added to your staff.
  • Another great way to market your housekeeping is through blog posts and on social media. For example, you can share new training certifications and key stats that show excellence in performance.
  • Optimize your website for search. Use words and phrases that a prospective homeowner may search for, for example “housekeeping quality.”
  • Makes sure to include applicable logos, like your membership in Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals.
  • You can also add material in your promotional packets to owners that outline your excellent end-of-stay cleaning standards and training programs.
  • Consider showing before and after housecleaning photos of deep cleans to show the extent of your team’s service.

Marketing Housekeeping To Guests

On your website and in your online marketing, promoting your housekeeping is a great way to engage with prospective guests. Use language in your materials that promote your housekeeping guarantee, or commitment to excellence, for example:

  • “Our certified, professionally trained housekeeping team is dedicated to making your stay stress-free and comfortable.”
  • Use captioned photos to show your commitment to providing clean, safe properties. Post them on social media and your website. Make sure to include any of your team’s certifications, achievements, high ratings and any exceptional guest reviews that mention your housekeeping team.
  • If your staff uses environmentally-friendly (and pet-friendly) supplies, make sure you include this fact in any marketing. And, if your staff is on call 24/7, this is another important fact to promote.
  • You can also call guests after they arrive, and make sure they are happy with the cleanliness of their rental. Make sure they tell you before they tell the world online!

Cleanliness is an important factor with both homeowners and your guests. It makes perfect sense to promote your housekeeping team’s performance when reaching out to both. Focus on your team’s strengths and get a little creative. Your housekeeping team is important for acquiring and keeping guests and owners happy and coming back.