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The Power of Professional Photography for Vacation Rentals


We've all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, when it comes to marketing your vacation properties, professional photography can be worth much more than mere words! Professional photography can make your properties stand out from the competition and visually support your property descriptions...

The Power of Professional Photography for Vacation Rentals2019-11-15T16:16:26-06:00

How to Prepare Your Vacation Rentals for the Holidays


Given the vacation rental property management industry is always growing and evolving, it is incredibly important to remain competitive and relevant. Undoubtedly, doing so can only increase your profits and help differentiate your business from the competition in a crowded vacation rental space. Your vacation rental property management business should continuously find new ways to improve hospitality, to engage guests and to ensure your homeowners’ maximum return on their investment.

How to Prepare Your Vacation Rentals for the Holidays2019-11-08T10:51:49-06:00

6 OTA Ranking Factors to Consider


Consumer's today often begin their online vacation research by seeking information from Online Travel Agencies. As a vacation rental property manager, you might need to have a presence on the OTAs in order to drive traffic to your website and showcase your properties...

6 OTA Ranking Factors to Consider2019-10-24T12:29:16-06:00

Vacation Rental Welcome Book: Easy How-To Guide


Part of being a vacation rental property manager is providing your guests with a memorable experience before, during, and after their stay. From their first contact, you're building a relationship that can result in a lifelong customer that will return to your properties year after year. While the pre-booking process is important, your hospitality must extend beyond the reservation. Sure, your property listing covers a lot of information about your accommodations, but you need to remember that, for many guests, visiting your location might be a first-time experience...

Vacation Rental Welcome Book: Easy How-To Guide2019-10-18T14:25:56-06:00

How to Improve Your Vacation Rental Reviews


Today, people typically begin their vacation process by researching online. One of the most important factors when pursuing a potential destination are guest reviews. Peer reviews are often a good indicator of the guest experience and carry a lot of weight, especially in the beginning stages of research. As a property manager, you are often looking for ways to cut costs and maximize profits. However, it is important to understand that some amenities are simply too important to cut when creating a positive guest experience...

How to Improve Your Vacation Rental Reviews2019-10-18T13:15:26-06:00

5 Ways to Attract Good Employees in the Hospitality Industry


In a tight labor market, recruiting and retaining quality employees is difficult. In the last few years, this has been the case in many industries, especially hospitality. As unemployment rates have trended lower and tighter restrictions are placed on work visas, recruitment has become much more difficult. Add to this fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics findings that the turnover rate in the hospitality industry is two to three times the rate of other industries and you can see the challenges of staffing in today's market. However, there are several ways hospitality companies can attract and retain quality employees to help power a positive brand and an exemplary guest experience...

5 Ways to Attract Good Employees in the Hospitality Industry2019-10-22T11:12:29-06:00

The Breakers in Fort Walton Beach, Florida: Xplorie Partner Spotlight


In this series, we're shining the spotlight on our clients to give our readers insight into their unique businesses. Barbara Martens-Ducan, General Manager/CAM of The Breakers in Fort Walton Beach, Florida was kind enough to answer a few questions for us recently about how she got started with vacation rentals and what she loves about the industry...

The Breakers in Fort Walton Beach, Florida: Xplorie Partner Spotlight2019-10-14T09:26:29-06:00

3 Simple Ways to Improve Vacation Rental Guest Satisfaction


In today’s competitive vacation rental industry it’s important to make your properties stand out from your competitors. With dynamic pricing, competing on price alone is no longer viable. You need to look beyond price to make your properties stand out. Your guests are looking forward to their time with you. They expect everything to go according to plan giving them the time and space they need to relax and enjoy time with their family. One way to exceed their expectations is to provide exemplary customer service. Customer service is a competitive differentiator that costs you little to nothing but can make your brand stand out with your guests...

3 Simple Ways to Improve Vacation Rental Guest Satisfaction2019-10-11T10:42:15-06:00

VRMA Advocacy: Why It’s Important to the Vacation Rental Industry


Here at Xplorie, we're big believers in giving back to our industry. We work hard to identify vendors and organizations that can benefit our customers, and owners to help them grow their vacation rental businesses. One organization that we're extremely proud to be a part of as both a sponsor and a contributor is the Vacation Rental Management Association. The work they do on behalf of the ever-evolving climate within the vacation rental industry is vital. The VRMA is an advocacy organization that is dedicated to the further development of professional and traditional vacation rentals as a safe and reliable option for consumers.

VRMA Advocacy: Why It’s Important to the Vacation Rental Industry2019-10-10T14:21:14-06:00

Top 3 Vacation Rental Data Analytics Companies


One of the biggest advantages of doing business online is the ability to gather data on your prospects and guests. This data provides you with tremendously valuable information you can use in any number of ways, from refining your website and brand to developing value-added packages that cater to guests' specific interests, to engaging with guests by providing the specific information they're seeking. While personal data for your business can give you a picture of ways you can improve, industry data can give you the information you need to make informed decisions beyond the scope of your properties...

Top 3 Vacation Rental Data Analytics Companies2019-12-09T10:56:46-06:00