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Women’s Leadership in the Travel Industry and Why It Matters


When it comes to the travel and hospitality industry, women are the dominant sellers, consumers, and workers. According to a Travel Weekly report, 60-65% of hospitality workers are women, 72% of travel agents in the US are women, and it has been estimated that 70% of all decisions on travel are made by women. However, as you move up the ranks of business, the proportion of women decreases...

Women’s Leadership in the Travel Industry and Why It Matters2020-01-07T13:39:57-06:00

Wellness Travel & Vacation Rentals: Hot Trend to Watch in 2020


Since the time of the Roman Baths, people have been traveling for health and wellness purposes. Today, according to a recent report by the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism is a booming market generating over $639 billion in 2018, with revenues expected to reach $919 billion by 2022. The same report found that world travelers took over 830 million wellness trips in 2017. This represents 17% of all tourism revenues for the entire year. It’s pretty clear that this is a trend on the rise, and this is great news for owners and property managers in destinations that feature easy access to nature, scenic hiking, biking trails, and other outdoor activities.

Wellness Travel & Vacation Rentals: Hot Trend to Watch in 20202020-01-06T10:21:18-06:00

5 Easy Welcome Basket Ideas to Impress Your Guests


As a vacation rental property manager, to stand out from the competition you need to think about the guest experience. Guests want to feel that they have gotten value beyond the property. How you treat guests throughout the booking and check-in process can add that value. Welcome baskets are an inexpensive, cost-effective way to give your guests a pleasant beginning to their stay. Simple gestures can improve your guests' experience, as well as increase your chances of being referred to family and friends. Here are five easy welcome basket ideas that will impress and delight your guests!

5 Easy Welcome Basket Ideas to Impress Your Guests2019-12-26T09:41:05-06:00

Decorating Tips for Boosting Your Vacation Rental Value


Private vacation rentals are one of the most popular options for travelers. This type of accommodation offers guests the ability to enjoy all the comforts of home while providing a more "local" experience than a standard hotel room or resort. However, competition in the marketplace is fierce as more homeowners, and property investors are joining the party. So how can you make your vacation rental stand out from the crowd and build your brand awareness? It comes down to the guest experience. One way to add value to your property is making your rental stand out by paying more attention to the design and décor of your units.

Decorating Tips for Boosting Your Vacation Rental Value2019-12-17T11:13:01-06:00

Gift Ideas for Your Vacation Rental Homeowners


Today, homeowners often choose between dozens of vacation rental property management companies. Competition in the market also makes customer retention more important than ever. So how can you reduce turnover and show your homeowners just how much their business means to you? First, of course, is to provide excellent customer service and maximize bookings. However, around the holidays, the perfect gift is a wonderful way to celebrate the season, thank your clients for their business and show them that you care.

Gift Ideas for Your Vacation Rental Homeowners2019-12-13T10:51:53-06:00

Easy Vacation Rental Holiday Pricing Guide


Are you maximizing your booking opportunities during the holiday season? For many properties, this “shoulder season” offers the opportunity to bring in much-needed revenue between peak seasons. Setting prices during this time is a nuanced process. If you hit the sweet spot, you’ll be rewarded with bookings at higher than average rates that will translate directly to your bottom line for the year.

Easy Vacation Rental Holiday Pricing Guide2019-12-10T11:58:23-06:00

Your Monthly Vacation Rental News


Between Vrbo's leadership changes, Expedia's stock tanking, and Airbnb's announcement to verify all 7 million listings after the October shooting at an Airbnb rental, it's been a busy month. For more industry highlights...

Your Monthly Vacation Rental News2019-12-04T09:55:32-06:00

Tiny House Vacation Rentals are the Next Big Trend


We’ve all seen those shows about tiny houses on the various networks and heard how it can be a luxurious way to live. You can move them anywhere, most are built on wheels, and they offer you all the amenities of a regular-sized house. They are really making a significant splash in the market and encourage innovative use of space. What we didn’t anticipate, is how popular they are as a vacation alternative!

Tiny House Vacation Rentals are the Next Big Trend2019-12-03T10:24:36-06:00

4 Ways Voice Technology will Revolutionize Vacation Rentals


Voice search technology is no longer a hype. It has seriously impacted the success of brands with more businesses continuing to adopt it. According to a prediction by ComScore, 50% of searches will be done through voice by 2020. And this voice technology may be the key to help property managers delight travelers and earn better ratings. So, what can voice technology do for you as a vacation rental property manager?

4 Ways Voice Technology will Revolutionize Vacation Rentals2019-11-25T12:14:13-06:00

How to Boost Off-Season Bookings


Do you find the off-season daunting? For many property managers and rental owners, when bookings are slow to fill, anxiety levels may start to rise. Thankfully there are common sense ways available that can help boost your bookings and lower your blood pressure! You can help create an uptick in guests by first, recognizing when your low-season is and second, by utilizing these three ways to help bring your guests to your door.

How to Boost Off-Season Bookings2019-11-20T09:33:02-06:00