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Vacation Rental Holiday Pricing Guide


Are you maximizing your booking opportunities during the holiday season? For many properties, this “shoulder season” offers the opportunity to bring in much-needed revenue between peak seasons. Setting prices during this time is a nuanced process. If you hit the sweet spot, you’ll be rewarded with bookings at higher than average rates that will translate directly to your bottom line for the year.

Vacation Rental Holiday Pricing Guide2019-12-09T15:26:18-06:00

Your Monthly Vacation Rental News


Between Vrbo's leadership changes, Expedia's stock tanking, and Airbnb's announcement to verify all 7 million listings after the October shooting at an Airbnb rental, it's been a busy month. For more industry highlights...

Your Monthly Vacation Rental News2019-12-04T09:55:32-06:00

Tiny House Vacation Rentals are the Next Big Trend


We’ve all seen those shows about tiny houses on the various networks and heard how it can be a luxurious way to live. You can move them anywhere, most are built on wheels, and they offer you all the amenities of a regular-sized house. They are really making a significant splash in the market and encourage innovative use of space. What we didn’t anticipate, is how popular they are as a vacation alternative!

Tiny House Vacation Rentals are the Next Big Trend2019-12-03T10:24:36-06:00

4 Ways Voice Technology will Revolutionize Vacation Rentals


Voice search technology is no longer a hype. It has seriously impacted the success of brands with more businesses continuing to adopt it. According to a prediction by ComScore, 50% of searches will be done through voice by 2020. And this voice technology may be the key to help property managers delight travelers and earn better ratings. So, what can voice technology do for you as a vacation rental property manager?

4 Ways Voice Technology will Revolutionize Vacation Rentals2019-11-25T12:14:13-06:00

How to Boost Off-Season Bookings


Do you find the off-season daunting? For many property managers and rental owners, when bookings are slow to fill, anxiety levels may start to rise. Thankfully there are common sense ways available that can help boost your bookings and lower your blood pressure! You can help create an uptick in guests by first, recognizing when your low-season is and second, by utilizing these three ways to help bring your guests to your door.

How to Boost Off-Season Bookings2019-11-20T09:33:02-06:00

Storytelling Tips for Vacation Rental Property Managers


Remember the last great book you read? Do you remember how the story brought you to a new place, touched your emotions and inspired the desire to hit the road, explore and see the world? Great stories move us. They have the potential to take us from sitting in front of the screen to seeking adventure everywhere in the world. But how can you, as a vacation rental property manager, tell stories that move people to take action? Here are some ideas to help you create stories that will touch people emotionally and resonate with travelers.

Storytelling Tips for Vacation Rental Property Managers2019-11-20T09:36:28-06:00

Luxury Vacation Rental Marketing: 7 Steps for Success


Travelers around the world are opting for luxury vacation rentals and villas now more than ever. The luxury community is looking for 5-star standard facilities, with plenty of space, privacy, and personalized services. The internet is the best place to reach and connect with these posh vacationers. But the catch is, how you capture their attention with your luxury vacation rental? Here are seven steps on how you can promote your luxury vacation rental online.

Luxury Vacation Rental Marketing: 7 Steps for Success2019-11-11T14:21:36-06:00

102 Marketing Ideas for Vacation Rental Property Managers


Over one hundred marketing tips are listed to help you increase bookings and your vacation rental inventory! 1. Customer service should always be #1. 2. First impressions are everything with owners and guests. Always be prepared to make a first impression. 3. Create and post videos about unique things to do and see in your area. Consider using drones to take it up a notch! 4. Network and create a referral program with local service providers like cleaning companies, painters...

102 Marketing Ideas for Vacation Rental Property Managers2019-11-13T08:24:56-06:00

5 Vacation Rental Industry Trends for 2020


As a vacation rental property manager, you're continuously working on upping your customer service, improving your properties, and creating a guest experience that leads to five-star ratings, increased bookings, and more profit. Like any industry, ours is constantly changing. To stay competitive, it's important to stay ahead of the trends that are shaping our industry...

5 Vacation Rental Industry Trends for 20202019-11-11T15:30:26-06:00

How to Measure Return on Experience


As a property manager, guests are the heart of your business. Most property management companies focus on achieving a specific return on investment (ROI). However, innovative property management companies are realizing the value of focusing on enhancing the customer experience. Return on experience (ROE) looks at how customer experience can be used to boost revenue...

How to Measure Return on Experience2019-11-11T13:15:23-06:00