Gift Ideas for Your Vacation Rental Homeowners

December 11, 2019

The Importance of a Great Gift

Today, homeowners often choose between dozens of vacation rental property management companies. Competition in the market also makes customer retention more important than ever. So how can you reduce turnover and show your homeowners just how much their business means to you?

First, of course, is to provide excellent customer service and maximize bookings. However, around the holidays, the perfect gift is a wonderful way to celebrate the season, thank your clients for their business, and show them that you care.

Gift Giving Best Practices

Selecting an appropriate gift can be challenging, If you are not sure where to start, here are three best practices to help you choose the ideal gift for your homeowners.

  • Personalize Your Gifts

If you’ve done your job, you built enough of a relationship with your homeowners to know some of their likes and hobbies. This can help you select a personalized gift to demonstrate that they are more than a client. Don’t make the mistake of sending a blanket gift – like 25 identical gift baskets. Personalized gifts have more meaning and show your clients you know them.

  • Don’t Go Crazy!

Keep your gifts proportional to the amount of business you do with your client. This can ensure that no one feels uncomfortable.

  • Don’t Only Give Gifts During The Holidays

While your holiday gift will be appreciated, send tokens of appreciation throughout the year. By sending gifts at other times, you’ll avoid getting lost in the holiday shuffle. Gifts are meant to show your clients that you appreciate their business all 12 months, not just at the holidays! Small gestures like sending a gift when a family member graduates college or a gift card to their favorite restaurant on the day they first signed with you can keep you top of mind, all year long!

Four Gift Ideas Your Homeowners Will Love

There are many thoughtful gifts you can give your homeowners that are personal, reasonably priced, and appropriate for any time of year. Here are some ideas to stoke your creative gift-giving juices!

  1. Terrarium or Succulent Garden $20 to $30 – This is a trendy gift that can brighten a desk, or a kitchen counter, make your client smile, and remind them of the growth you can achieve together! Plus, it’s easy to care for and a gift that can live for years!
  2. Coffee Table Books $20 and up (prices vary) – Send a coffee table book that refers to your homeowner’s city, industry, state, or personal interests. It’s a book they can proudly display on their desk at work or the coffee table at home. It can serve as a great conversation piece for years. For an added touch, include a personal message inside!
  3. Gourmet Food Basket $74 to $175 – Don’t send another basket of mini muffins or cheese logs and three different types of sausage. Today, several companies are offering a modern take on gourmet food baskets. Remember to ask about any food allergies or food preferences like gluten-free or vegan options.
  4. Kindle e-Reader $79.99 – Does your homeowner spend an hour commuting each way to work, or love to read on the beach? A Kindle or other e-reader will be a much-appreciated gift.

The holidays are a great time to show your clients how much you appreciate them. Be creative! Choose a gift they will appreciate and remember all year long.