How to Prepare Your Vacation Rentals for the Holidays

November 8, 2019

The Importance of Holiday Hospitality

Given the vacation rental property management industry is always growing and evolving, it is incredibly important to remain competitive and relevant. Undoubtedly, doing so can only increase your profits and help differentiate your business from the competition in a crowded vacation rental space. Your vacation rental property management business should continuously find new ways to improve hospitality, to engage guests and to ensure your homeowners’ maximum return on their investment.

Keep in mind that a good first impression will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Ensure that you go above and beyond to make the first visit for your guests enjoyable and memorable, especially during the holidays.

In a recent study, it was discovered that most vacation rental property management businesses focus more on the reservation side. However, it’s also important to provide your guests with top-class hospitality experience.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Vacation Rentals for the Holiday Season

1. Stock the Kitchen

The festive holiday revolves around the kitchen. Therefore, ensure that your kitchen is fully stocked for a feast. The kitchen is one of the main reasons why guests book your vacation rental property over hotels, especially during the holidays. When your guests request specific things like pie tins and wine glasses, ensure that you indulge their requests.

2. Holiday Décor

Decorating your property is a good way to prepare your property for the guests. Adding a few minimal decorations will help add a festive spirit to your vacation rental property. To make your property joyful this holiday, follow these simple tips:

Decorate your front door: Great holiday decorations start at the door. For example, you can put a Holiday or Winter themed wreath on your door to greet your guests before they even get in.

Color theme the property: Although the festive season is a theme on its own, you can set a different theme with colors, for example, blue and silver or cream and gold or red and green that can make your property look and feel warm and comforting.

Keep it simple: Every guest will have different tastes and preferences for holiday décor, therefore, it’s only wise to keep the decorations simple. Start with accents here and there and arrange simple décor such as pine tree garland.

3. Create a Welcome Basket

To impress your guests this holiday, ensure that you leave a gift basket packed with treats before they arrive. Your guests will see you as a thoughtful host and they will feel valued. The welcome basket can be a breakfast basket filled with ingredients they will need for their first morning or a basket of chocolates.

4. Ask Your Guests What They Need

The best way to ensure that you’re providing your guests with the stay they hoped for is by simply asking them. Everyone has different expectations during the holiday season and instead of trying to guess what your guests may want, reach out to them and ask directly. Encourage your vacationers to connect with you before and after they leave by leaving an in-home social card on a prominent place before they arrive. You can also use social media to request your guests to review your vacation rental property management business. Remember to always respond to your guests’ reviews and thank them.

5. Be a Good Concierge

This doesn’t mean that you must be a 5-star tour guide, but it may help to point your guests in the right direction whenever they have any questions. You can also tell your guests about some of the activities they can engage in. After a long flight and packing together, your guests want to get out of the house and breathe the fresh air. It may be easier to get along with other family members when there is something fun to do together.

The most important touchpoint of your vacation rental property management business is each customer’s experience. Perfect the art of welcoming guests this holiday season.