Paycheck Protection Program Resources For Vacation Rental Managers

April 7, 2020

Business owners across the U.S. found themselves applying to the government’s new $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) last week. If you were one of them, the hectic week may have left you and your lender confused with frequently updated guidance from the Treasury Department.

We have put together a few resources that provide great information and cut through the legalese to help you navigate this time with ease and acquire the aid you need.


A media outlet typically geared toward entrepreneurs, Inc. along with the U.S Chamber of commerce hosted a virtual Small Business Town Hall event on Friday April 3rd. This is the second in a new weekly series for owners seeking information and advice regarding the coronavirus pandemic. In this segment a panel of experts tackled the newest details on paycheck loan forgiveness, whether 1099 workers count toward your company’s payroll for the loans, and cash flow options besides loans.


A news source designed specifically for Vacation Rental Managers, VRM intel has been providing up to date information throughout the crisis. One article in particular “Understanding Aid Available through the Paycheck Protection Program for Vacation Rental Managers” outlines exactly what the PPP is all about and provides the links you need to get started.


A global media organization focused on helping people succeed in big business, Fortune has released a variety of articles based around PPP including a thorough breakdown of common questions about the PPP answered.


Typically a marketing resource, Hubspot has released several articles surrounding the affects of COVID-19 on small business. If you are looking for a thorough dive into how small businesses can take advantage of the U.S  Stimulus Package that includes links to resources and is in an easily digestible format Hubspot may be the resource for you.

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