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Since 1996 Xplorie has partnered with the best lodging providers and popular local tours & attractions to deliver unparalleled guest experience solutions.


Reimagine your Guest Experience with Xplorie.

With Xplorie, you can provide guests an unforgettable travel experience through free-to-guest activity programs, virtual concierge solutions and so much more.

Boost Earned Income


Xplorie products speak directly to today’s travelers who are seeking incredible memories and more value for their travel dollars. Providing complimentary passes to popular local attractions, our Xplorie Experience Pro Solution drives occupancy by transforming your accommodations into experiences that will last a lifetime, and through XEVA,  guests will have access to coupons, and recommendations giving them even more savings than ever before.

Increase Traffic


Xplorie increases your occupancy and revenue, which in turn increases your homeowners’ rental revenue, and we all know that this is the key to increasing inventory. Combine this with the perk that each homeowner receives the benefits of your Xplorie guest experience (GX) solution, and you can see why Xplorie has been an integral part of our participating property’s homeowner acquisition strategy.


Xplorie GX solutions not only increase your occupancy, which drives revenue, but it makes your existing occupancy more profitable by limiting the troubling trend of deep discounting as well as increasing your value proposition, Xplorie’s participating properties enjoy better margins than their competition and achieve a higher ADR than similarly situated properties across the nation.


While Xplorie’s guest experience solutions enhance and strengthen the relationships between you and your guests they also can aid in streamlined guest services and operational cost reductions. To find the Xplorie product that best fits your company and business goals explore our product page.


Xplorie’s guest experience solutions are utilized in over 10,000 short term rentals across over 60 U.S. markets to differentiate properties from the competition while simultaneously driving increased revenue through improved average daily rate and occupancy. With the launch of our voice-based virtual concierge in 2020, Xplorie continues to deliver memories that will last a lifetime.

Generation Z is the largest generation as of the year 2020. With an estimated $143 billion in buying power, it is important to open up to new ideas in the way of guest experience and activity-based travel. Keeping your property current and connected will be more important than ever.